Teami 30 Day Detox Review

The holidays did me dirty. 

So many tamales. So much wine. All the carbs. 

After the new year I was desperate to jump back on the wagon but felt so sluggish and fatigued I couldn’t motivate myself to get my shit together. 

Enter the Teatox. 

I have to admit I have always scoffed at the women who promote tea detoxes on social media and silently judged them for promoting something that likely didn’t work just to make a quick buck. 

I am not a fitness model. Clearly. I’m not even into fitness. My favorite part of going to the gym is leaving. I’m a mom. I work a full-time, high stress job. I have an affinity for candy and simple carbohydrates. I’ve been curvaceous my entire life but as most curvy women can attest, you constantly have to tow the line between sexy thick and sloppy thick – and the difference between the two is usually a couple good months of no holds barred eating and too many nights parked in front of a Real Housewives marathon. The struggle is all too real. 

So after getting desperate for a kick in the ass and doing some heavy Amazon research I was convinced, and placed an order for a Teami 30 Day Detox. 

The detox is made up of two different teas. One is the “Skinny Tea” and the other is the “Colon Cleanse”. 

The Skinny Tea is a loose tea you drink first thing every morning. I purchased the cute Tumbler they sell with a built-in strainer so I could take my tea on the go but a $2.99 tea ball from Wal-Mart would work just as well. You can drink as much as you’d like throughout the day to curb cravings. I enjoy my tea black and though it has great flavor on its own but you can add lemon or sweetener to taste. The tea does curb appetite and help to reduce bloating. I actually was able to wean myself off coffee completely in the process. 

The Colon Cleanse comes in a tea bag that you steep for 1-3 minutes and drink before bed every other night while you’re on the cleanse. The longer you steep the teabag, the stronger the effect will be. The name says it all – it will certainly clean you out the next day – but it’s not uncomfortable and you won’t be running to the bathroom all day. For anyone who has an impossibly sluggish digestive system like me, this stuff is a lifesaver. I found that after a couple weeks the I was getting used to the tea and the effect wasn’t as strong so I started steeping the tea for 5 minutes instead of 3 and that did the trick. 

Combined with calorie and food tracking (I limit myself to 1320 calories per day – but I do let myself cheat a bit on the weekends) I was able to lose an incredible amount of bloat with this cleanse. I dropped inches and lost 5lbs in 30 days – but what really impressed me was how I looked. My body just looked slimmer and less bloated. I had energy, didn’t feel sluggish or fatigued and was fitting into my clothes better. 


Weeks 1-4

All in all I was incredibly impressed with the Teami Detox and will definitely make it apart of my lifestyle moving forward! 

You can purchase the 30 Day Detox here.  Use code 10MEGAN at checkout for 10% off! 

(L) Day 1 (R) Day 26


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