Bumpdate – 8 Months

How many weeks along: 35 Weeks

Gender: Girl!

Total Weight Gain22lbs.

Maternity Style: I am large. Living in leggings, tees, and sneakers these days. It’s still not cool enough to layer – and yes, I am quite annoyed about that.

Sleep: Some nights I sleep relatively well, some nights I toss and turn and spend 2-5AM scrolling through Pinterest in an attempt to get sleepy. It all depends. Getting out of bed has become quite the debacle, as well. 

What I’m missing: Sound sleep, cool weather, champagne…

Cravings: It’s still ice. So. Much. Ice. I dream of ice cubes. Did you know if you go to Sonic you can order a bag of their amazing, snowy ice? If you don’t have a Sonic near you then you can make your own with a similar texture by pouring Club Soda into ice cube trays, pouring them into a Ziploc once frozen, and crushing with a meat tenderizer (or hammer, if you must).

Symptoms: Insomnia. Breathlessness. Occasional bouts of nausea. Oh, and I got my first hemorrhoid this month. That was lovely.

Body Changes: I know I’m not as big as I feel, but I feel huge. Moving around is difficult. I can’t shave without contorting and tying my own shoes is becoming impossible.

Mood: Trying to live in the moment has been a recurring theme for me this pregnancy, since it’s likely my last. But I am feeling so done. I can’t lie. I’m ready to meet my baby girl, so ready that my anxiety is starting to kick in.

Highlights: My mother and BFF threw me a sprinkle this week! It was intimate and perfect. We had a ladies-only lunch with family and friends and I am so overwhelmed with the love and generosity bestowed upon baby girl and myself. There is nothing quite like being surrounded by women you love and admire. My favorite part was my amazing CAKE! Oh my gosh – so stunning and so delicious. I have to thank my cousin Shar for making it for me, she is so talented.

Looking Forward to: Nesting. Now that we have mostly everything we need it’s time to start washing newborn clothes, organizing bath supplies, sterilizing bottles and pump parts, packing hospital bags…I’ve slowly started to get things together but it is certainly overwhelming since we have a small space.

Exercise:  I’m still in the gym every week, 21 weeks and counting. Although every week I start to get slower, and my movement/balance is slowly deteriorating. I try not to get discouraged, because I know there’s a reason why that’s happening, but it’s hard. Exercise is usually about progress, and when  you’re pregnant, you’re continually getting larger and less agile. So some days it’s tough, but I still love going and I know I’ve benefited my body SO MUCH by continuing to stay active throughout my pregnancy. Fingers crossed it all pays off in the Labor & Delivery room.

On My Mind: I’m in the home stretch! There were times I felt it was going by SO slowly, and now that I’m here I’m looking back and realizing it flew by. It’s definitely bittersweet, but all I have on my mind right now is getting mentally and literally prepared for this sweet girl’s arrival.

Here’s some snaps from the camera roll this month!


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