Bumpdate – 5 months

How many weeks along: 21 Weeks

Gender: She’s a girl 🙂

Total Weight Gain: 12lbs

Maternity Style: As this belly starts to round out I’m slowly but surely getting my groove back. The summer weather isnt as easy to style around because there are less opportunities for layering (every pregnant woman’s BFF) but I’m managing.

Sleep: Sleeping on my stomach is pretty much a no at this point but still sleeping fairly well.

What I’m missing: Micheladas. Fitting into regular pants. Not having to apply Cocoa Butter every day (I hate the smell of Cocoa Butter – yuck).

Cravings: Cold drinks. Lemonade. Iced Tea. Beer. Coke in a glass bottle.

Symptoms: The heartburn is real. Other than that I’m smooth sailing. The 2nd Trimester is the bomb.

Body Changes: The second pregnancy is a real struggle. Even though I lost all the baby weight from my first pregnancy, there are just certain parts of your body that never go back to how they were. So when you do it again, it can be a little traumatizing to see yourself grow and shift and expand in a new body. I just have to remind myself it’s all for the best cause, and that if I lost all my baby weight once, I can do it again!

Mood: Happy. Excited. Anxious. Every day is a flurry of emotion.

Highlights: Our Level 2 Ultrasound during Week 19! It’s always amazing to get another little peek at our baby girl. We got this profile shot and I think she looks just like her brother did at this time 😉

19 Weeks

Looking Forward to: Starting to shop. I don’t like to buy a lot before the Level 2 Ultrasound because I’m a tad superstitious but now it’s about to be on and popping!

Exercise: Still putting in weekly work at Maternifit! Working out while pregnant is a trip. Obviously you’re still gaining weight and your body is still getting larger because you’re growing a person but that doesn’t mean you don’t see little changes here in there, like having more endurance, or seeing your form improve week by week, or feeling how thick and strong your legs are getting! It’s definitely empowering and after 8 weeks I’m loving it more than ever.

20 Weeks

On My Mind: Starting to feel a little anxious for the end result. I have to remind myself a lot to stop and enjoy every little moment, since this is likely my last time being pregnant. It’s just my nature to want to rush to the next step, but I’m trying to be mindful of all the little things I know I’ll miss when she gets here.

Here’s some snaps from Month 5!

19 Weeks
19 Weeks


19 Weeks.

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