Bumpdate – 4 months!

How many weeks along: 18 Weeks

Gender: She’s a girl 🙂

Total Weight Gain: about 10lbs (F%&#!)

Maternity Style: I’m slowly learning how to dress this changing body of mine. The weight gain has been quicker and more widely distributed than when I was pregnant with Dom. Thighs are thicker, hips are wider, and the belly is – prominent. Learning how to dress for the hot summer weather is the real struggle, especially when you don’t want to wear a dress every day and maternity shorts are an abomination (seriously – can someone make a decent pair of maternity shorts? Anyone?). I’ll get it eventually, keep an eye out for #OOTDs soon.

Sleep: Sleeping well. Less and less on my stomach but still comfortable for the most part. Now that my uterus has moved off my bladder I’m peeing less which is also nice.

What I’m missing: Micheladas. Bad. Other than that I’m good. I don’t adhere to the strict pregnancy “do not eat” list so there aren’t a lot of things that I deprive myself of but alcohol is obviously one that I do so – see you you in 5 months delicious michis!

Cravings: I’ve never been a craver. There are things I love to eat more than others but I’m not sending my husband out at 11PM for pickles and ice cream, if you know what I mean. I am obsessed with eating Outshine lemon fruit bars though. They taste like a tart soft-frozen lemonade and always hit the spot especially on a hot day. I buy boxes 3 at a time – no lie. At 70 calories a pop it’s hard to not justify eating a few in a day. But I’m working on it, LOL.

Symptoms: I spent the first half of month 4 frustrated with my seemingly never-ending all day nausea and food aversions. I think at one point I tried to come to terms with the fact that it might never end. Luckily, at week 17, the sun emerged from the clouds and I was able to start feeling like my old self. My main symptoms were morning sickness and a general lack of energy.

Body Changes: I would be lying if I told you I wasn’t stressed about the weight gain this time around. My metabolism took a quick dive after my miscarriage, and it has been so hard for me to get back into the swing of things since. Weekly workouts with Evelyn at Maternifit beginning at Week 14 are keeping me active while also getting my body prepped for labor. My goal is to keep it up (along with lots of walking) until Week 38. Fingers crossed!

Mood: Upbeat. Not feeling like you’re perpetually hungover every minute of every day will do that to you. I have my moments, I’m sure (sorry babe) but for the most part I’m feeling wonderfully optimistic.

Highlights: Feeling like a normal human being again! First trimester kicked my ass. Big time. Getting back to my regular eating habits and routine is so refreshing. Also, I started feeling flutters at week 14 that turned into pops and kicks at week 16. It is the strangest feeling but it’s welcome, I love being gently reminded that there’s a little human growing inside me – we’ll see how I feel when the reminders are less gentle! 🙂

Looking Forward to: Getting to see my little girl at our Level 2 Ultrasound in 19 weeks. Fingers crossed she’s still a girl LOL!

Exercise: Getting in the groove with my workouts. I love going to see my trainer Evelyn, at Maternifit. We do lots of upper body, squats, lunges, and modified core work to get my body ready for labor. I have to admit I was dying a  bit at first since I hadn’t worked out in FOREVER but I’m a month in now and really looking forward to my workouts every week.

On My Mind:  I’m getting anxious to get to the halfway point, and to make sure our little girl is growing as she should. The 1st Trimester is all about worrying about things like pregnancy viability and NT Scans and the first half of the 2nd Trimester is like, “I hope her eyeballs are in the right place and her heart works properly.” Basically, there is never not anything to worry about.

16 Weeks.

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