Bumpdate – 3 months

I’m so excited to be back to blogging! I had zero desire to do literally anything my entire 1st Trimester so it feels good to get some energy back and get back to doing things I love. I’m so excited to be able to documents these monthly “bumpdates” for you guys!

How many weeks along: 14 weeks

Gender: Still a secret…

Total Weight Gain: about 5lbs

Maternity Style: Haven’t had to invest in any maternity clothes (yet). When I was pregnant with my son, I never had to wear any at all. I gained all my weight in my belly and it was high so I just wore my regular low-rise jeans and leggings. This time, since my body isn’t 24 anymore and I still have 5 residual pounds from my last pregnancy – they weight is distributed differently. I’m going to have to pony up for a couple good pairs of maternity jeans and several pairs of nice, thick leggings since I live in them most of the time. Luckily I can stick to regular sized tops, dresses and outerwear and just buy a size up if needed. I LOVE dressing my bump so I can’t wait to get some energy back and start looking more pregnant, rather than just bloated.

Sleep: I’m sleeping fine. Much better than than in the first couple months, actually. I can still sleep on my stomach although it’s getting less and less comfortable. I never had a pregnancy pillow with my first but it’s looking more and more appealing and the weeks go on. We’ll see…

What I’m missing: The summer weather is making it’s way so I definitely miss an ice cold beer over lunch or a skinny margarita poolside. It’s been a long, exhausting first trimester for me this time – so I miss feeling normal, eating normal and having energy. It’s slowly starting to get better so I’m optimistic.

Cravings: The 1st trimester (for me) is all about survival. I feel sick if my stomach is empty, but food sounds completely unappealing. Pair that with no desire to cook, and you get  a LOT of high fat, high carb takeout. Not the best, but like I said, I’m just trying to make it through the day.

Symptoms: Sore boobs, all-day nausea, vomiting on an empty stomach, and overall laziness. I was very lucky to have very mild 1st trimester symptoms with my son but this time, Baby #2 is kicking my ass.

Body Changes: I’m filling out in all the wrong places (LOL), so I just look fat. My boobs are looking enormous, my hair is greasy, and my skin in unpredictable. Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me if Baby #2 is a girl, since I’ve always heard girls steal your beauty. I felt like a goddess when I was pregnant with my son and just feel gross this time. Fingers crossed it passes and I get my shit together (haha)!

Mood: Dom and I got nasty colds this week, so we’re both sick and cranky. Mixed with unpredictable pregnancy hormones, the result is a mess.

Highlights: Of course my ultrasounds! Because this is my rainbow baby, I was SO nervous for my first doctors appointment and dating ultrasound. When I saw that little ghost-like figure on the monitor I literally lost my breath. So much joy and gratitude was felt at that moment.

Baby V at 9 weeks

Then, I got to see my little ghost again at my 12 weeks NT scan, and got the good news that everything was looking perfect. Such a sigh of relief. It felt amazing to finally exhale all the apprehension and begin to enjoy what will very likely be my last pregnancy.

FullSizeRender (16)
Baby V at 12 weeks

Looking Forward to: The 2nd Trimester glow and learning our baby’s gender next week!

Exercise: Please. I couldn’t even get myself out of bed most days. Now that the 1st Trimester symptoms are fading I am so excited to get started with my fitness routine. I joined an amazing gym just for expectant mamas so I could get a regimen tailored to my changing body. I believe fitness is key to smooth deliveries so I’m eager to get started.

On My Mind:  The thought of having 2 little ones is starting to feel a bit overwhelming. Dom is a very spirited child, he requires constant one on one attention and is VERY emotional. I worry that when a new baby comes into the mix, it is going to completely throw his world out of orbit. Obviously he is my entire world and has been for the past 3 years, so I get emotional and worried he will feel like he is being replaced. I definitely need to buy some books to help me prepare for this massive adjustment. If you have any recommendations or tips from personal experience let me know!



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