Review – Baby Jogger Vue

71cSIASoC3L._SL1500_ In the beginning, the big daddy stroller with all the bells, whistles, and $500 worth of attachments is a necessary evil. The multitude of shit you need (or think you need) to bring along every, single time you leave the house needs someplace to go – and a stroller with a basket the size of Montana is the obvious choice. The problem is – once you have a toddler and have become a mommy gangster who feels confident enough to leave the house with nothing more than one extra diaper and a sippy cup (Thug Life!) – the stroller monstrosity becomes nothing more than a huge pain in the ass. Enter the umbrella stroller. The ideal umbrella stroller is lightweight, yet sturdy. Cost effective, yet comfortable. Like any other piece of baby gear, they range from your ultra-budget friendly base model (essentially just sticks of metal with an old mumu attached to it) and the Rolls Royce version (which comes with a year of free concierge services). Just kidding, but you know what I mean. I was in the market for the Acura of umbrella strollers, which led me to the Baby Jogger Vue. It had a few more amenities than a Joovy and looked sleeker than a Chicco, but UNLIKE an Uppababy or Bugaboo, the price tag did not look like a car note. Anyway, I bought it and I’m liking it so far. Here are some high and low points: PROS:

  • Looks great. I love that it comes in all black (there are more colors available) and has a really clean design. The seats are made of soft material and the stitching isn’t harsh or obvious.
  • Assembles quickly. I think I had it all together within 10 minutes, and that includes taking it out of the box. I didn’t even need to read the instructions (but there in there in case you aren’t a stroller sensai like me).
  • Sturdy. This blog is called “Pushing A Stroller In Heels” for a reason. The handles are at a comfortable height and I never have to hunch over to push it (I’m 5’6). It’s light enough to feel like you can stroll in stride but not so light that it feels like a Starbucks cup will tip it over.
  • Canopy. It’s made of material with UV protection and is LARGE.
  • The Fold. Baby Jogger is known for their easy fold. This one can be done one-handed which is a welcome amenity since my other stroller requires me to bend at the knee to lift it into my car.
  • It’s reversible! A simple lift of the handle changes the seat to forward facing. Not super necessary for my toddler but with a newborn or infant this would be awesome. No accessories are needed to do this but they do sell a nifty pram that makes this stroller look like a chic carriage. I’ve never seen this option in any other lightweight stroller so – thumbs up for innovation Baby Jogger!
  • Accommodates a car seat. Yup – a car seat adapter will make this nifty little baby a travel system. Again – I’m quite past that stage but if you have an infant this rules!


  • Storage. There is a storage basket but I feel like it’s only there for funsies. It’s smaller than an evening clutch and is only accessible if – well let’s just say its inaccessible. If you’re lugging around the big mama diaper bag you are sorely out of luck. I did notice that when the stroller is forward facing, the collapsed parent-facing seat sort of provides a cocoon of storage. It worked for me during a day at Disneyland and is great because it’s almost like a hidden compartment. It worked well enough I forgave Baby Jogger for the faux-basket. 
  • Wheels. I know this stroller is not intended for all-terrain but my front wheels squeak and it’s starting to drive me a little crazy. I’m sure they would replace them if I called but…I just haven’t gotten around to it. 

All in all I think this is an awesome stroller. It’s great as a supplement to your larger stroller or can even be a one-size-fits-all option that you take from newborn to toddler stages. It has great versatility and even though it’s lacking some functionality it makes up for it in other areas.  Link to purchase here. Specifications here.   **NOT A SPONSORED POST**


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